Hey, There!
I’m Jessica.

A free spirit following my heart and intuition and inspiration to live my best life.

An Australian by passport, Italian by blood and now a global citizen of the world.

I follow a holistic lifestyle, have a passion for samba dancing and travelling the world. Now I have followed my heart to start a new life with my love in Mexico. 

Through my love of storytelling and zest for life, now I want to inspire you to find that confidence to take chances in life, to see the world with an open mind and open heart. and find out where your travels take you.

IMYT Intention

A go to website for the woman looking to be inspired in all aspects of her life- in lifestyle, travel and to reconnect with her truth. 

IMYT was ignited after I took the chance to Mexico for love. But really… after my real awakening.

“I Met You Travelling” is here to share something just that little bit different.


 Just a gal letting go, grabbing life by the balls & following my intuition  

 I believe the universe provides us with exciting opportunities to explore the world, to learn about the people that we cross paths with and an opportunity to rediscover ourselves.

Taking the leap to discover what is outside of your comfort zone is the most valuable way to discover who you really are, where your passions lie and to witness that there is a whole different world out there completely outside of your norm.

And who knows, you may love it enough (or fall in love) that you may want to call it home. 

“I Met You Travelling” was ignited by the idea of me moving to Mexico for my love, Carlos. I am sure you have gathered that we met as I was travelling.

However, it also sparked the idea that wherever you travel to or call home, it is also the people behind each place, who have special stories to share with us.  I hope to share and inspire you with their stories through my love of writing.

In I Met You Travelling…


I want to showcase the ups and downs about life, the raw feelings and thoughts about certain situations. I am here to share my perspective of the world how it is, the people that I have met, love and relationships, society expectations and how all of these factors combined have shaped and influenced the way I view the world today.

Through this, I can hopefully inspire and encourage you to either see the world in a different way; to just follow your heart and gut feeling regardless of what society tells you to do; to be that person who leaves that job you despise getting up for every morning; or to follow your dream of packing up and leaving to that place in that picture that is still sitting on your vision board.  Or to realise that there is another way of life.

We are all here to share our magic. We are all here to follow our own journey and path. I hope I can inspire to find yours.  To travel and live more minfdully.

So I will try to be as honest as I can in providing you with advice and tips. I will share the information the same way that I would with a friend.  

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