How I reinvented myself: my life transformation

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Was this my life for the rest of my life?

Was this how life was supposed to be?

Do I want to be working like this for the next 40 years?

What kind of life do I wish I had?

Maybe these questions have popped into your mind here and there. Well, it did for me and they were questions that pushed me to transform my life.

I just knew I was ready to redesign the life that I wanted. These are the questions that pushed me to write a new chapter and start the life that I wanted.

Hi there!

Thankyou so much for finding me interesting enough to continue reading my story!


I hope while reading this, you can relate to it somehow. Whether you share the same story or not, I hope I can inspire you also to live, dream and manifest that special life you want.


So as you know, I am Jessica- a 30 something-year-old samba dancer from Australia with an Italian background and passionate for all things travel, food, music and… love.


Right now, I am living in Mexico.

One day I met Carlos (he will come up quite a bit in my blog), without much thought, I packed my bags, waved good bye to my old life and said “hello” to my undiscovered destiny.

A sense of not belonging

Growing up, I had a great upbringing, in a great school in a safe and quiet neighbourhood in Sydney.  I had a loving family who supported me in my endeavours. However, growing up I was told many things about how my life should look like- study, work, find a nice man and settle down.


As I entered into my late teenage years these ideologies didn’t sit well with me anymore, I began to wander about a different way of being. At this point, I still didn’t know who I really was but I knew who I didn’t want to be.

I did all the “right” things. I achieved good grades, went to University, studied to become a school teacher and went straight into work. There was no time for me to really stop and reflect on the person I wanted to be.


I continued to earn money, then had enough money to travel every year. Of course, I am extremely grateful for this, as my lifestyle brought me to where I am now.

I was not satisfied with my job

As time went on, I continued to ignore the fact that I wasn’t completely satisfied with my job. I knew I was skilled at what I did, but I knew this wasn’t it. I was afraid of letting myself down and others around me.

Nonetheless, teaching has taught me an abundance of skills that I only realise now, and has assisted me in leading a productive entrepreneurial life today.


I became an expert in organisation, time management, storytelling, confidence, creativity, working in a team and the list goes on.

Of course patience.  Teaching taught me patience and persistence. The best things do not happen overnight and it takes work to create and become successful.  More importantly, the lifestyle and work that I was leading, gave me the money and time to travel.


And that is what I did.



Just some of my travel memories: in Paris, Bangkok, Mykonos


The beginning of my life transformation

Travel opened my eyes

Throughout my twenties, I travelled to forty countries and still returned to Spain and France a few times again.

This is where my passion for food, people and culture exploded into my life. Through travel.

It brought so much light and joy to me. 

When I started to travel and see the world outside of my own, I thrived on the adventure and the unknown, I loved learning from other people and cultures. I had opened my eyes to the world that wasn’t mine. I was intrigued, I always wanted more.

I loved learning about food in Italy and France, about dance in Spain, the culture in Japan, the way of living in Dubai, the herbs and spices in Morocco and the magic of the islands in Greece. I observed people and their situations- how people behaved and seemed to overcome difficult moments and economic crises, then to continue on with their daily lives.

In Morrocco… really, one of the coolest places

My eyes became more observant and I became more empathetic.

I was doing my own studying of life through solo travelling and learning about my passions and myself. And at the time, I hadn’t even realised.

Work, save, travel, repeat

Each year, I would return back home to Australia, fell right back in my post-travel blues and wished I had won the lottery to do it all over again.

I continued my cycle again- work, save, travel, repeat.

Why did I never even think at that time that I could have left my groundhog days and use my passion for travel, people, dance and food as a way of living? I

That’s just dreaming, right?

A great friend of mine in my early twenties also had introduced me to the great philosopher, Eckhart Tolle- famous for his wise teachings in staying present and the ego.

This was the beginning of my path to my spiritual self.

It was the first time I started questioning the world around me.

My life transformation


Living and travelling more holistically


My curiosity about the world meant I opened myself up to natural remedies for healing, to the impact of food and nutrition and power of meditation and breathing.


This empowered me to start living and travel with more of an open mind and heart, that is, a mindful traveller.


I continued to travel every year (well almost) and started to see the world from a different perspective.


I began noticing different things when I travelled. This is where conscious travel came into play. I wanted to know more about the people, how and why people were the way they were.


As the years went on, I proceeded in my loop of working, leading a happy life but still not feeling completely satisfied. Although, I really was content- I had a great quality life, healthy, a supportive and loving family, loyal friends, ability to travel and I even started samba dancing and proud to say I danced with a “professional team.”


I have always admired samba dancers and the way they move but it wasn’t until later in my life that I started to actually take chances and start doing. The second I heard the drums, I instantly fell in love and said I want to do that. 



The mindset shift: manifest and good energies


But this just didn’t happen overnight.


I manifested for what I wanted.


I also worked bloody hard (for years) to get to the level that I was at. With sweat and sore feet, persistence, patience and focus that is exactly what I did. I danced samba with one of the best teams in Australia.


I knew from that moment I could do and be anything that I wanted. 


I was beginning to increase the frequencies of my energies and raise my vibrations. I was starting to feel more centred and more awake. 


My mindset was shifting and I was attracting different things. 


You can read further about how to be more centred and flourish in life.



My beautiful samba team in Australia- each of these girls brought so much to my life in different ways

Travelling like a local

Later in my twenties, I was also fortunate enough to travel to the then boyfriend’s home town in France. Although I had already been to France a couple of times already, it wasn’t until then, that I realised the importance of travelling from a local’s perspective.

I realised that you really don’t know a city completely, unless you see it with the eyes of a local.

There’s nothing better than seeing the best-hidden gems with a local, being able to travel with a fluent speaker (you are definitely treated differently as a local) and really indulging in the beauty of home-cooked meals.

I loved the feeling of experiencing daily life as how the locals do, in a place that was foreign to me.

Lucky for me, coming from an Italian family, being surrounded by the warmth of Italians, I never lacked that strong sense of culture, family and amazing home-cooked meals. This is something I always cherished and appreciated and perhaps also made it easier to adapt to other cultures very easily.

After the relationship ended, I began seeking other spiritual methods of healing. 

It was the shift that was needed in my life, the missing part. I had my spiritual awakening.

I had “woken up.”

My spiritual awakening

I met Gloria, a healer, who guided me in my spiritual practice, working on my inner peace and my perception of myself.

She was the last missing piece that I was needing in order to feel centred and more grounded. She taught me how “let things flow,” to know my self worth and helped me to see the world with a clear lens.

I had also begun to indulge in more practices of mediation in community centres, where my journey around chakras came into play.

Then there was a moment of shift. I began to attract everything different in my life.

It was the beginning of the next crucial chapter in my life.

Enter Carlos….Talk about timing….

Travelling to Mexico

A friend and I happened to be in the same situation in our lives, both single and loving life. With a much needed holiday, we decided on, Mexico.

Little did I know I would be moving abroad and living in Mexico. not long after.  It is funny, how all those little encounters and moments you have in life, can end up depicting the next chapter in your life.

My girl and I on a trip to Mexico to remember

I had always dreamed of going to Mexico but never found the right time to go. Well, now it all makes perfect sense. It was the perfect time in my life to meet the person I was supposed to spend my life with- timing really is everything, isn’t it?

Or was it that I was manifesting this magical place that the universe was waiting for the right moment spiritually and mentally for me to go, and meet the person I was supposed to be with.

Starting my life from scratch in Mexico

Always wearing my heart on my sleeve with an open mind, and in a place of uttermost contentment in my life, I met Carlos travelling in Mexico.

Perhaps the universe was aligning every event and experience I encountered in my life to that very moment that we had to meet.

So without much thought, I listened to what my intuition and heart was telling me. I decided to leave everything that I knew in Australia and start my life again with Carlos in Mexico.

The unknown was not scary as I knew I was starting my life with the person that I had chosen.

Carlos and I share the same visions in life, the same passions and want to share a life together. So from that moment, My solo girly trips (which I am forever grateful for) which have given me the skills, passions and a better insight into myself, have now turned into having a forever travel partner and best friend to go on new adventures with.

final note 

I learned self-love

Fast forward two years… I write this to you today. I also realise one more thing. Although I moved to this foreign country with this person, I now know, that I wasn’t just moving for him.

I moved for me. 

After living abroad in Mexico, I have realised many things about myself and life. I realised our strength as a couple and me as an individual.

I realised teaching was not my path anymore but I acquire many other skills.

I used my teaching skills to keep my passion for samba somewhat alive by teaching other women looking to ignite their divine and their fire in retreats in  Amansala, Tulum.

I realised the importance of letting go, minimalism.. and the essence of life- love, friendships, health and family. (I talk more about this in my post about my life lessons learned in Mexico).

Most importantly, I realised the only way to really manifest what I want in life and to have healthy relationships with others, I must have inner peace and a healthy relationship with myself. 

Hello there

My name is Jessica, Australian born, Italian blood and now a global citizen of the world.

I follow a holistic lifestyle, have a passion for samba dancing and travelling. Now I have followed my heart to start a new life with my love in Mexico. 

Through my love of storytelling, now I want to inspire you to find that confidence to take chances in life, to see the world with an open mind and find out where your travels take you.

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