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Embodied Goddesses

A dream project come to life.

With all my life’s passions of philosophy, spirituality, dance, music come together in unity. It has been my dream to empower women to help find their spark and embody the DIVINE Goddess we all already are. I can’t wait to share it with all of  you beautiful souls.


Hello beautiful souls…

I’m Jessica Angileri.

I am so grateful you have joined me. 

With a love for love, passion for dance and spirit for adventure, I am here to inspire you to live your most fulfilled and abundant life.

I have travelled the world, lived across the oceans and danced the soul of Samba. 

I am here to share my truth, to inspire you to follow your intuition, and to embody that beautiful goddess that you are.

With my travel stories, advice on love and thoughts about life, I hope to spark that inner light. 

Girl… It is time to start living from the beat of your own drum.

Are you ready?

Lots of love and light xx



Embody your Divine Feminine

Blossom into your own Goddess

Inspiring you to

Live your best life

You can fall in love, change your life and travel the world, however, what matters the most in life, is the relationship you have with yourself. That starts with honouring your truth, taking chances in life and standing in your power.

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The Best food Experience in Mexico

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