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After creating my blog and website, with days and nights of studying how to create a blog that inspires women like you, it is safe to say I know a thing or two about building up a blog and website now. 

If I have inspired you to travel and live a lifestyle with an open mind and open heart, then hopefully I have inspired you also to share your passions and skills to inspire other women through a blog. 

Here is a little guide on the resources that I have used to ensure my blog is of a high standard.  I would only recommend resources that I use myself.

The bible for Blogging

How do I decide my niche? What is SEO? What is monetizing? What is a plugin on WordPress? How do you write engaging content? How do you set up a newsletter?

This course answered all these questions and more and I love how simple and clear it is to follow. honestly, this was the best money spent, it has been my bible since beginning. Although it is aimed at newbies, do not be fooled I have blogger friends who have been doing this thing for years and only recently have signed up and wished they had signed up sooner.

This course was my first encounter to the blogging world and very quickly became my “go-to” in setting up my blog/website, especially in the first 6 months.

Although Matt does offer his own recommendations, doing my own research also meant I was able to choose programs such as hosting that were suitable for me.

Siteground hosting


Overall, Siteground hosting ranks near the top of all web hosting companies.

Siteground offers a competitive price, offers a great performance and site speed, 24/7, customer support, 30 day money back guarantee, easy integration with WordPress amongst others.

 Their customer support team is knowledgeable, fast and friendly.

Furthermore, all plans come with SSL certificate and email accounts.

Elegant themes

A versatile theme with lots of attractive options that are customisable. for templates. In one template you have about 6 different pages that you can use and make it your own (usually other themes do not have this).

Their drag and drop features make it user-friendly– even for me, who did not have a clue about building a website was able to navigate around this theme.

When creating my website I picked a template that spoke to me and then made it my own with my personal style, that represents my own voice.

Affiliate Marketing Training Bundle

Ana (blogger turned affiliate expert) helps new female bloggers with her expertise in boosting your blog traffic and increasing your income.  

I love her personal and feminine light approach (as this concept can get a little dry)- her goal is to power women to create a profitable blog. This is what made me connect with her instantly. 

Although “The She Approach” offers many courses (free and paid) from using Pinterest to starting a website, I love this helpful and insightful training guide to affiliate marketing



The perfect tool to create all your pretty templates for your website, Pinterest, collages and even logos.

I did start with the free version which works just fine but when taking my website to the next level, the pro version was the best option.

With access to far more options with over 4 million photos, unique templates that you can easily make into your own, and my favourite- the ability to download transparent images.

How to be an expert in videography

Perfect to learn all about the art of vlogging.

If you re anything like me, creating a video seemed way out of my league. But after taking this course, I quickly learned that it isn’t complicated at all. 

The video course will teach you the ins and outs of how to produce and edit videos and everything you need to know about growing your online presence and networking with other videographers/vloggers.

I also love their recommendations for using the best tools to suit every person.

Keyword research made easy

As a blogger, you will need to get your hands on an SEO tool.

Here I recommend KeySearch.

This all in one SEO tool includes Keyword, SERP and competitor research and analysis. It also comes with keyword rank checking, backlink analysis and so much more. 

The best part, it is one of the more affordable SEO tools starting at $17 compared to others.

I love how KeySearch helps you uncover those hidden gem keywords that are easy to rank. The best part, it gives you access to the tools you need to spy on your competitors and track your SEO efforts.

Tailwind: Pinterest & Instagram scheduling tool

Tailwind is an excellent Social Media scheduling tool for serious bloggers and small business- for Instagram and Pinterest.

This tool helps you to grow your audience, discover new and fresh content and save you time by scheduling pins at one time. 

I usually spend about 2 hours a week on scheduling pins to my Pinterest and then, that’s it, I am done. 

I also love their other features such as tribes you can join, their weekly reports to understand how my content is performing, their tailwind board lists to help me when I am scheduling and so much more. 


What’s next on my list…

*Note: Choosing these resources meant a lot of research in ensuring I was using the best ones to fit my needs.

Disclosure: I use affiliate links to monetize our content.  I may receive a commission on products or services that you purchase through clicking on links within this blog.