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We live in a world where we are always on the go, we over plan and over schedule our days. It seems that the common factor between people is anxiety, I myself have seen it also (in my past life as an educator).

We have forgotten something so important. That is to let go, to surrender, to dance. To be embodied (which I will explain in another post).

When I speak about movement or dance, I don’t mean taking up a dance class, instead, I mean to dance and surrender to your own rhythm and flow. 

Practise surrender in your movement

 A woman’s natural medicine is actually the ability to let go and surrender. In this surrender, a woman is able to recharge and reconnect with her divineness. A woman’s medicine also lies in her erotica, in her ability to be free with her body.

This can be expressed and cultivated through movement and dance. This is what it means to be completely in your divine feminine. Here is where we find our juices, creativity, and alignment. This is the place we want to be. This is the place we can come home to, to feel at peace and calm. This is the place where we can manifest our biggest dreams. 

 When I talk about the feminine, I am referring to this raw natural state, the wild, luscious, chaotic jungle-like state, that we must come to in order to manifest our biggest dreams and desires. 


Use movement as a way to let go

 We must as women know that we operate from a place of flow, just like we do with our moon cycles. When we learn to surrender to our moon cycles, menstruation, we begin to honour the parts of us that need time to rest and restore. When we surrender to this time, we are loving the womb and respecting that she requires rest in order to calibrate. 

This surrender and letting go is where we can tap into our intuition. We must surrender and learn the art of letting go in our daily life also. We are not meant to operate from this over-controlled, over the planned way of life. For too long we have been operating from this hypervigilant state of mind. Where here it all the time- mindfulness (which is important also of course), state of mind etc. however, this is not where our magic as women lies. It lies in our body, our hearts and the womb.

We have forgotten how to “let go”

This fear of letting go or needing control stems from conditioning. We have forgotten that it is in our surrender and being in the body, where all the magic of creation occurs. Not the mind. 

 This depth of the body as a magical vehicle for manifestation and tapping into the spiritual world has been oppressed and forgotten about. The female body and our true power have not been honoured In this masculine world. 


There is such fear of being a woman and in her raw essence.  When we ARE free with the body, there is so much conditioning around this, not to mention shaming from others- “She must be unstable,” “she must be uncontrollable,” “she doesn’t know what she wants in her life.”

 Instead of operating from the mind, what if we started to put more trust into the body and heart. It is time to start unlocking the key of the mind and hand them over to the magic of our movement.


The body is a magical vessel 

The body is a magical vessel. It is so important to see it as a way to manifest and step into our power. When we let ourselves go through movement (with no plan or structure), we discover something special, mystical and sacred. It is not about the end result, rather it is the full expression of the divine feminine.  This is where our empowerment lies. There is no right or wrong in this expression. There is no perfectionism. There is no guideline. 


When we dance or use any other form of movement, we give ourselves permission to move through stagnant energy and move away from the hypervigilant mind. This is the place we habitually live from, especially in this patriarchy world. This is where all of our anxieties, fears and worries stem from. We have been trying to “work out” and analyse for too long. There is nothing wrong with you. You just have not yet remembered that your body is your vessel for releasing.


The feminine expression is where we can let go, be free, be wild. It is spontaneous, beautiful, unpredictable and always bringing new life into the aliveness. This will look different to everyone, no matter man or woman, There is no ONE way of expression or movement. Your heart and soul will lead the body if you trust. There is no one way to tap into the feminine power.  


When we move from the mind and into our movement, we can discover our passions, dreams, desires for life. This is where we activate our juices. 


It is time to surrender to your own flow, to your divineness. 


We need to allow ourselves to accept change, to flow, to listen to the body. This is the vehicle for connecting to our deepest desires and truth.

We need to understand that not knowing is not scary, it is where our transformation and rebirth occurs.

We need to let go of the shoulds, the labels, the shaming around the chaos and “imperfection,” or not “making sense.” When we work from this oppression, we deprive our feminine and the aliveness from blossoming. It manifests into something that is not nutritious. 


Reclamation of the female body 

When we move away from the mind, learn to fall and melt into the body, we reconnect to our natural essence. Here we learn to surrender and listen to what truly matters at the heart. It is there we become nourished, vibrant, sexy and we become alive. 

It is time to reclaim and reconnect to all the parts of ourselves. Let go, drop into the feeling body and listen. 

So I dare you today to just dance, or move or just see where your body wants to take you. Reactivate that aliveness within you.

At the end of the day, all that little child inside of your heart wants to do is dance, be wild and mostly, be free. The more we learn to surrender, let go and be free from the mind, the more we place trust to our Divine power and the Universe. 


Embodied Goddesses is on its way where we teach you what it means to be completely embodied and free with your heart.

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